A train with many dream, a train with many hopes, a train with many expeculations, a train full of new hope is going throw the same route than many years ago, a president travel, the president that abolished slavery, Abraham ¨Lincoln, nowadays other elected president goes throw the same route.

Elected president Barack Obama make a travel in train going throw the same way as Abraham Lincoln, departure from Filadelfia and will arrive to Washington to take the presidency the 20 th january 2009.

The train made stop in Wilmingon, in the Delaware state to take Joe Biden, the elected vice-presidente with a last stop in Baltimore in the state of Maryland before to arrive to the capital of USA.

Many persons, wait for the train, it doesnt matter the cold, the rain, the snow, all want to take part of this great moment, that will be an historical moment for always.

God bless, Barack Obama and all that take part in this presidency.

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