A train with many dream, a train with many hopes, a train with many expeculations, a train full of new hope is going throw the same route than many years ago, a president travel, the president that abolished slavery, Abraham ¨Lincoln, nowadays other elected president goes throw the same route.

Elected president Barack Obama make a travel in train going throw the same way as Abraham Lincoln, departure from Filadelfia and will arrive to Washington to take the presidency the 20 th january 2009.


Many persons, wait for the train, it doesnt matter the cold, the rain, the snow, all want to take part of this great moment, that will be an historical moment for always.

The train made stop in Delaware state to take Joe Biden, elected vice-presidente with a last stop in Baltimore in the state of Maryland before to arrive to the capital of USA.

God bless, Barack Obama and all that take part in this presidency.



    BARACK OBAMA 51, Stanley Ann Dunham 50, Stanley Armour Dunham 49, Ruth Lucille Armour 48, Gabriella Clack 47, Susan C Overall 46, George Washington Overall 45, Annie Browning 44, Susannah Hickman 43, James Hickman 42, Edwin Hickman 41, Martha Thacker 40, Eltonhead Conway 39, Edwin Conway 38, Edward Vincent Conway 37, Eleanor Greville 36, Elizabeth Willoughby 35, Margaret Neville 34, Richard Neville 33, Henry Neville 32, George Edward Neville 31, Joan de Beaufort 30, John Plantagenet of Gaunt 29, KING EDWARD III of ENGLAND 28, KING EDWARD II of ENGLAND 27, Eleanor de Castile (m. KING EDWARD I of ENGLAND) 26, Ferdinand III of Castile 25, Alfonso IX of Leon 24, Urraca of Portugal 23, Alfonso I of Portugal 22, Teresa of Castile 21, Jimena Munez 20, Nuno Gonsalez de Lara 19, Gonsalo Nunez de Lara 18, Nuno Gonsalez de Lara 17, Mawiyah 16, al Hakam II 15, Abd. Rahman III 14, Muhammad II 13, Abdullah I 12, Ishar 11, Abu Hassan Ali 10, Abu Djaffer Muhammad 09, Ali ar Ridha 08, Musa al Kadzim 07, Ja’far ash Shadiq 06, Muhammad al Baqir 05, Ali Zainal Abidin 04, Husain 03, FATIMA 02, MUHAMMAD ‘The Prophet’ 01.

    ABRAHAM LINCOLN 47, Nancy Hanks 46, Lucy Nancy Shipley 45, Robert Shipley 44, Robert Shipley 43, Lois Howard 42, Cornelius Howard 41, Matthew Howard 40, John Howard 39, Robert Howard 38, Margaret Douglas 37, Margaret Tutor 36, Elizabeth of York 35, KING EDWARD IV of ENGLAND 34, Richard III of York 33, Anne de Mortimer 32, Roger IV de Mortimer 31, Phillipa Gaunt Plantagenet 30, John Plantagenet of Gaunt 29, KING EDWARD III of ENGLAND 28, KING EDWARD II of ENGLAND 27 (see genealogy OBAMA).

    GEORGE WASHINGTON 37, Lawrence Augustine Washington 36, Lawrence Washington 35, John Washington, Sr 34, Lawrence Washington, Jr 33, Margaret Butler 32, William Butler 31, Margaret Sutton 30, John Sutton 29, Edmund Sutton 28, John VI Sutton 27, Constance Blount 26, Sancha de Ayala (m. Walter Blount) 25, Diego Gomez de Toledo 24, Gomez Perez de Toledo Vazquez 23, Teresa Vazquez de Acuna 22, Vasco Martinez de Acuna 21, Martim Vasquez da Cunha 20, Vasco Laurenco da Cunha 19, Laurenco Fernandes da Cunha 18, Fernao Paes da Cunha 17, Adosinda Ermiguiz 16, Hermigio Abunazar 15, Aboazar Lovesendes 14. Lovesendo Ramirez de Leon 13, Fethe 12, Abeth al-Hasani 11, Al-Hasan el-Hajjam 10, Muhammed 09, Al-Kassim 08, Idris II ‘Emir of Fez’ 07, Idris I ‘Emir of Fez 06, Abdullah 05, Al-Hasan el-Muthanna 04, Hasan 03, FATIMA 02, MUHAMMAD ‘The Prophet’ 01.


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